Cylinder Liners & Sleeves

▷   The products manufactured by PATCO using modern technological machinery and are inspected by expert engineers for any sort of damage. We belive in constant quality upgradation, growth & customer satisfaction. This belive has lead to the devlopment of various new equipment and processes that fullfill the requirments of our customers.

▷   PATCO is now consider one of the leading companies due to its abilites, capacity and presence in the global market. We always try to ensure our quality by our unstoppable development and progress in our production plans and strategies. It as a result of their concentration and devotion that our products come accross the best product in the market. We at Patco are commited by providing quality products, attractive price, timely delivery.

▷   Product Specifications

Dimension Range (in mm)
Bore Diameter 50 to 158
Total Length 120 to 370

▷   Micro Structure

Graphite type: "A" & "B" ("D" & "E" Random)
Flake Size: 4-6 Microns
Free Ferrite: Less Than 5%

▷   Production Capacity

50,000 pieces per month


Semi-finished & Fully-finished

Chemical Composition Minimum Maximum
Carbon 2.80 3.50
Silicon 1.80 2.50
Manganese 0.6 1.00
Phosphorus 0.20 0.50
Sulphur 0.00 0.12

Other than above, we can cast material compositions using Chromium, Molybdenum, Nickel, Copper, Boron or as per customer specifications meeting to international standards.

Hardness (BHN) 210 to 280
Tensile 210 to 275 n/mm2

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